Things to Avoid on Self Drive in Uganda

Self drive tours have become more popular in Uganda than ever before due to an ever increasing tourism sector. Hiring a car for self drive with Self Drive Uganda offers tourists the most flexible and pocket friendly travel safaris at your convenience. For the last period that we have been in business, visitors who have used car rental service in Uganda enjoy the best travel experiences on the remotest destinations of Uganda. When it comes to customer care, we are ever on top and we always put our clients first.

Below are some of the tips on what things you need to avoid while on self drive tour in Uganda

Avoid too much driving

Most often, travelers plan to drive for long distant routes within a day. Long distant journeys can be hectic and demand you to have stopovers so that you refresh after a long hour drive. Though other travelers are physically well to drive for long hours, you need to understand your strength rather than following bandwagons and you end up with given the most boring trip. Stopovers are necessary for self drive as it allows you to chill and relax

Avoid being over excited/adventurous

Whereas Uganda’s roads are a bit tarmac, you need to know most remote destinations still have gravel back roads. Gravel roads differ from being pretty good but still more tiring to drive than tarmac roads. In case you do not have enough driving experience on gravel roads, then do not be over ambitious. However, we provide exceptional message to enable you travel on bumpy roads of Uganda.

In case of break down in remotest areas, chances are you will not receive assistance very fast. The car that gets broken down may require to be replaced from the nearest depot and this can take some hours. Feel free to drive another vehicle that will be brought for you to drive. It is also advisable that you have some food or water just in case you become stranded for some time in the scorching sunshine.

Avoid choosing an unsuitable rental car simply because of its cheap price. We have a variety of cars that you can choose to drive for your safari other than landing into a wrong choice. You can choose Toyota Corona which is good for tarmac and better for simple safaris. For self drive trip holiday in Uganda, tourists can rent a 4 by 4 safari vehicle for instance a Toyota Rav4, Toyota Land Cruiser and Safari Land Cruiser that will help you navigate through the steep terrains. For wet season, you will need a 4 by 4 for extra peace of mind.

Not having a clear sense of where you are traveling

For visitors who are planning for more adventurous self drive safaris in Uganda, you need to be well prepared. You GPS coverage on your car rental may not help you in some remotest places or it may just assume. This requires you to have a good road atlas or direction and this doesn’t necessarily mean the company atlas and understand where you are heading to. Avoid replying on messages using GPS in Uganda because it can get flawed but alternatively, you can ask from the local residents more about the route that you are taking and approximate distance.

Avoid driving during dark hour

Usually, self drive tours in Uganda are organized in such away that you reach in the destination in the afternoon to have your night. Driving during the dark is risky for you in case of thieves and even when you get lost at night which may prolong your hours of driving. It is difficult to detect road signs during the dark and even hotels or lodges. Travelers are advised to communicate to hotel or lodge where they are supposed to spend a night on the time you are to reach.

Therefore, travelers who wish to par take self drive safaris in Uganda should plan appropriately and most importantly, contact us for further explanation and assistance.

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