Things to Avoid on Self Drive in Uganda

Self drive tours have become more popular in Uganda than ever before due to an ever increasing tourism sector. Hiring a car for self drive with Self Drive Uganda offers tourists the most flexible and pocket friendly travel safaris at your convenience. For the last period that we have been in business, visitors who have used car rental service in Uganda enjoy the best travel experiences on the remotest destinations of Uganda. When it comes to customer care, we are ever on top and we always put our clients first.

Below are some of the tips on what things you need to avoid while on self drive tour in Uganda

Avoid too much driving

Most often, travelers plan to drive for long distant routes within a day. Long distant journeys can be hectic and demand you to have stopovers so that you refresh after a long hour drive. Though other travelers are physically well to drive for long hours, you need to understand your strength rather than following bandwagons and you end up with given the most boring trip. Stopovers are necessary for self drive as it allows you to chill and relax

Avoid being over excited/adventurous

Whereas Uganda’s roads are a bit tarmac, you need to know most remote destinations still have gravel back roads. Gravel roads differ from being pretty good but still more tiring to drive than tarmac roads. In case you do not have enough driving experience on gravel roads, then do not be over ambitious. However, we provide exceptional message to enable you travel on bumpy roads of Uganda.

In case of break down in remotest areas, chances are you will not receive assistance very fast. The car that gets broken down may require to be replaced from the nearest depot and this can take some hours. Feel free to drive another vehicle that will be brought for you to drive. It is also advisable that you have some food or water just in case you become stranded for some time in the scorching sunshine.

Avoid choosing an unsuitable rental car simply because of its cheap price. We have a variety of cars that you can choose to drive for your safari other than landing into a wrong choice. You can choose Toyota Corona which is good for tarmac and better for simple safaris. For self drive trip holiday in Uganda, tourists can rent a 4 by 4 safari vehicle for instance a Toyota Rav4, Toyota Land Cruiser and Safari Land Cruiser that will help you navigate through the steep terrains. For wet season, you will need a 4 by 4 for extra peace of mind.

Not having a clear sense of where you are traveling

For visitors who are planning for more adventurous self drive safaris in Uganda, you need to be well prepared. You GPS coverage on your car rental may not help you in some remotest places or it may just assume. This requires you to have a good road atlas or direction and this doesn’t necessarily mean the company atlas and understand where you are heading to. Avoid replying on messages using GPS in Uganda because it can get flawed but alternatively, you can ask from the local residents more about the route that you are taking and approximate distance.

Avoid driving during dark hour

Usually, self drive tours in Uganda are organized in such away that you reach in the destination in the afternoon to have your night. Driving during the dark is risky for you in case of thieves and even when you get lost at night which may prolong your hours of driving. It is difficult to detect road signs during the dark and even hotels or lodges. Travelers are advised to communicate to hotel or lodge where they are supposed to spend a night on the time you are to reach.

Therefore, travelers who wish to par take self drive safaris in Uganda should plan appropriately and most importantly, contact us for further explanation and assistance.

12 Benefits of Booking a Fully Inclusive Uganda Safari

Planning a trip and implementing it may sound easy but it isn’t really as simple as it sounds. During the planning stage of a holiday in Uganda, one has to consider a lot of things and put in a lot of effort to make sure all goes well after booking a fully inclusive safari.

1. Savings on cost

This is probably the biggest advantage with an all-inclusive package for a holiday in Uganda. If you go ahead and individually book your air tickets, hotel accommodation and transport, you might end up spending much more than needed. Adding the individual costs may result in a much higher total cost compared to choosing Uganda all inclusive packages.

2. No stress whatsoever

By opting for Uganda’s holidays all inclusive packages, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Whether it is the reservation of flight tickets, checking availability for hotels, making hotel reservations, allocating vehicles for transportation, and other such services will all be handled by your travel agent. All you have to do is select your preferred package and inform the tour operator about your dates of travel and number of passengers travelling. The rest will be taken care of by them.

3. Uganda round tour

When you are visiting a new country, regardless of how much research you have done, there could be a few important tourist spots that you don’t know about. Or you may know about these spots but may wonder if you will have enough time to cover everything while on your tour. All inclusive packages in uganda are designed in such a manner that all the most popular tourist attractions are covered in order to ensure customers get the most value for the money invested in these tour packages.

4. Avail maximum services

All-inclusive packages usually allow travellers to avail maximum services from hotels and tour companies. From the time you are picked up at the airport, taken on tour, and dropped back to the airport, you may not have to spend any money apart from your tour package cost unless you want to tip workers or want to do any personal shopping. Even at hotels, you do not have to pay separately for your meals or for using the swimming pool and gym. These extra services are all part of your Uganda all inclusive packages.

5. Guaranteed safety while on tour

We will advise travellers in case there is a safety risk of visiting a particular tourist attraction in Uganda to try booking all inclusive packages. Our drivers are well informed on the safest routes to take to get customers from one place to another. If you decide to do all the planning for your trip, you will not know about the safety situation in a new country. Hence by trusting tour operators in this field, you are guaranteed a safe holiday.

6. Travel Agents Are Pushy – Any good travel agency knows it’s not about making the sale; it’s about creating happy clients. Happy clients become fans of your company, come back to you every year and recommend your company to others. We rejoice when we can save our clients money with a great deal. We make our recommendations based on the specific needs and requests of our clients. We don’t base our recommendations on industry sales incentives or bonus gifts. If we know of a better room or experience that will enhance our client’s family vacation, we’ll suggest it but that’s all. No pushing involved, we just do right by our families.

7. Travel Agents Match Online Prices – We do our best to find you the best deals available. If we cannot beat it, we’ll tell you why it’s probably a scam and not a deal. You benefit by getting the best price and our great service.

8. Travel Agent Will Help You Save – Travel agents are privy to special flight prices, special hotel and cruise cabin rates that consumers will never find online themselves. This feature alone will save you money. You must be a licensed travel agency or belong to a specific insider group. Beyond pricing, travel agents can often get special amenities like ship board credits or insider tours that can enhance your family’s vacation.

9. Travel Agents Save You Time – Busy parents recognize how valuable their time is to them. Parents can easily spend HOURS researching family vacation options online. With the amount of conflicting information available online, it’s easy to quickly get overwhelmed and confused. Many times, the questions perplexing many parents we agents can often answer right off the top of our heads thanks to our years of experience. If you have detailed questions or need to plan a complicated itinerary, we do all the work for you.  We can make the international phone calls to get your questions answered. We know who and how to reach out to in order to get the job done, saving you hours of frustration.

10. Travel Agents have contacts

Having these face to face meetings and knowing the right contacts truly benefits the vacation experience for our clients.  We know exactly who to speak to in order to make special requests for our families. This could mean things like adjoining rooms, welcome bottles of campaign or advanced restaurant reservations and in case you need help, they know who to contact.

11. Travel Agents have specialized expertise – Firsthand experience and expertise are what will change a typical vacation into a real memorable experience. Not every Travel Agent can humanly know every destination in the world. As travel agents we too have favourite spots and types of family vacations that we’re passionate about selling.

12. Travel Agents Have Priceless Advice – Visiting the National parks, resorts and places we recommend means we have firsthand experience to pass along to our guests. We can help you choose the best rooms, eat at the best restaurants and find the best places to shop, all while saving you money. No two kids clubs are ever the same. Often you can’t tell from the website or brochure photos. Our agents are available to you to help answer all of your questions directly from how to get your first passports to what you need to pack for your holiday.

Uganda Safari: See all the Animals with No Crowds

While it lacks the recognition name like its neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda is one of the best places to enjoy an ecotour. This relatively small country lies astride the Equator and it is one of the few places on earth where travelers can visit the endangered mountain gorillas.

Uganda has a network of ten national parks that protect amazing wildlife. Though its parks are overshadowed by the neighboring Serengeti and Kruger Park, Uganda’s national parks having all the animals, minus the crowds is one of the greatest pullers of visitors to this lovely country. On your holiday through Uganda, you will enjoy game viewing in non crowded parks and experience the best out of your lifetime trip.

Visit the Mountain Gorillas

Uganda’s national parks protects a wide range of flora and fauna. However the most popular attraction to the country are the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Mountain gorillas are the largest primates and they are found only in Uganda plus the neighboring Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest hosts nearly half of the remaining world population of the endangered gorillas. Many travelers go for a Uganda gorilla safari to this park located in south western Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is one of Uganda’s largest parks where you can follow up your morning game drive with a cruise on the Nile to the base of the falls – the perfect way to view elephants, buffalo, crocodiles and loads of hippos while you relax with a beer on the boat. Murchison Falls is one of the top visited national parks in Uganda. Many travellers taking a Uganda gorilla safari visit this park and the park’s diversity is very rewarding; from the Scenic Murchison Falls formed by the Mighty River Nile to amazing habitats that include savanna grasslands, wetlands, tropical rain forests.

After the Murchison Falls tour, head to Queen Elizabeth National Park for a better chance of spotting the elusive leopard or otherwise the only tree-climbing lions in the whole of East Africa.

Few tourists make it as far north as Kidepo Valley since it’s a long drive, but those who do are rewarded with not only the best selection of animals, but some of the most spectacular scenery in Uganda. And if you’re hoping to have a date with the big five Big Five, add Ziwa Sanctuary to the list of places you will have to visit, as this will provide an opportunity to get up close to the white rhino, which are tracked on foot.

Planning a Honeymoon Holiday in Uganda

It’s only Uganda in Africa with the most charming culture, entertainment and Natural beauty which make it the only perfect destination for foreign honey moon holiday. Apart from the amazing islands, Uganda has a wide range of beautiful attractions including wildlife parks, lakes & rivers, mountains, stunning landscape and the most well facilitated luxury lodges just in line with the honeymoon rations. Are you planning to wed soon and Africa is your honey moon choice destination?

The Gifted land of nature “Uganda” has enough attractions to put together and make your stay very exceptional and memorable following its best cool weather in every corner of the country. Besides all the Islands and beaches are open year round with a lot of relaxing activities and water sports. Bunyonyi is one of the most desired a place you shouldn’t miss out on your honeymoon holiday in Africa. Also visiting some of the beautiful parks –Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Bwindi etc are one of the most recommended honeymoon destinations in the pearl of Africa since all tour activities are full of fun and relaxation. Other fun things to do include gorilla tracking, boat rides at the first-rate Kazinga channel and game viewing keep travelllers busy and happy in the wild as they explore the country’s beauty.

Make your honeymoon an event of a life time with a visit to Uganda’s top leisurely destination Ssese Island found in a 2 hour distance from Entebbe international airport, Murchison falls, Kibale forest, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Mburo & lake Bunyonyi. The island is accessed by a ferry which leaves Entebbe daily at 3.00pm arriving at the island at around 5.00pm but you have to be at the ferry stage or start point by 2.00pm-Nakiwogo Entebbe.

Spend two days around the island playing in sand and enjoying all the available water activities before travelling to Bwindi forest the land of Uganda’s prime attraction the Mountain Gorillas. Enjoy private walks around the lake, boat ride, sun bathing, have a fish meal together at pineapple bay a lodge which attends to detail. Swimming is a must either at the pool or lake followed the delicious meals meals served at the lodge in time. The lake side gardens offer the best relaxing environment to couples as they   look at the island lake waters and beautiful landscape. The lodge rooms facing parade the island beauty to couples something you will also like through your stay at the island. No need to strain yourself walking distances in search of a perfect relaxing environment since your overnight lodge has it all.

In addition the stunning road drive journey to Uganda beautiful National park-Bwindi forest takes you to the Uganda Equator, opens a wide door for cultural displays and also a road side few minutes of wildlife viewing at Lake Mburo National park. Lunch pops in at a right time when you ready to break off for a journey chat with your spouse or driver and Igongo cultural Museum is a place to be in Mbarara. This quiet wildlife paradise has some of the most beautiful world class animals and the ever green forested landscape which extends to both Congo and Rwanda Boarder.

Staying in one of the most beautiful luxury lodges, Gorilla lodges-Mahogany springs, Gorilla forest camp, and Buhoma lodge sited just at the park entrance has always been the best option for couples to the park giving them ample time to wake up and prepare for the day’s main activity Gorilla tracking. The most exciting moment comes next morning which starts with a briefing from the park rangers and indeed it’s a moment to do and listen to what you truly waited for awhile, how to behave with Gorillas, what to do when you see them, how to marvel through the Jungle forest, who to go with, how long the trek takes, what you shouldn’t miss out during the trek etc. Next will be time for you to hit the jungle forest to search for the unique world class primates which are always found depending on their previous day movements, where they had their dinner & overnight. After the Gorilla encounter and photography couples prefer relaxing at the lodge and memorize the forest Magical beauty which they witnessed during the trek than taking on another afternoon forest walk.

Bunyonyi Island has always been the next couple choice after Bwindi forest sited in a one hour road distance and   known for its unique environmental setting in the cool towns of Kabale. The island is another leisure top honeymoon spot in Uganda which give couples superb moments to cherish for a life time as they enjoy attractive views of different Islands, cool weather and relaxing environment. The sunrise in the morning can make every tree, grass, water look dazzling and amazing, changing the weather from cool to warm and breakfast in gardens becomes very tasty under the right setting. The Boat ride to visit different islands and short hikes keep couples busy and happy all day as the explore the island and nearby communities. Get a chance to visit the people of the forest the ‘Batwa’ during your stay and discover how true Africans still live in the ancient. Their grass thatched houses welcome you but the time spent with them is worthy looking at their way of life, culture and different family members.

Above all it’s more fun to combine island beach setting with Wildlife and water adventure activities in either Queen Elizabeth or Murchison falls National Park. You can choose to visit both or one and end your Africa honeymoon holiday in a romantic wildlife setting. People say both parks have similar activities but the experience isn’t the same. If time permits would recommend travellers to check out both parks and tell the difference .Morning & Evening game drives, Afternoon boat cruise, Chimpanzee tracking are the main park activities but a visit to the top of the falls and a forest walk excursion at Rhino sanctuary can only be experienced while in Murchison falls while viewing trees up close in trees is only possible at ishasha sector the reason to visit both parks. Spare some time and also enjoy some Uganda cultural treasures at Kampala National theatre, Ndere cultural centre, Kasubi Tombs, Sezibwa falls, Namugongo shrines and the Kabaka’s lake.

Discover Uganda’s Crater Lakes

Have you ever thought of visiting Uganda? Uganda is one of the best outdoor places to visit on the African continent and a Uganda safari never disappoints. The erupted craters are simply breathtaking places to visit, offer a fantastic hiking experience near Fort Portal in Western Uganda which will most definitely take you for the renown “Top of the World Hike” that introduce you to several crater lakes, through villages and tea plantations – you have the beauty of the crater lakes before you and the tallest African Mountain range, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon in the distance, simply an incredible and beautiful combination to the beholder.

The historical hole lakes were framed rather later in the light of antiquated volcanic movement in Uganda – an insignificant 8 to 10,000 years prior – however you see them as quiet, beautiful lakes today – when they blasted they brought on colossal harm in their opportunity covering a region bigger than Mount Vesuvius did at Pompeii – in the instance of the Ugandan Explosion Craters – they decreased Lake Edward to a poisonous mess. Fire and brimstone still ejected from the aforementioned blast cavities as of late as 2000 Bc while the Pyramids in Egypt were being assembled.

Eruption Craters did not fabricate cones as Volcanoes do – they basically blew fiery debris and shake far and wide – today there are the aforementioned incredible delightful lakes-, some of which still have a certain sulphur smell in their water. Some offer incredible places for swimming, viewpoints and nature trails that one can climb encompassed by monkeys, tropical fledglings, and wonderful sights.

At the time you are looking down one of Uganda’s cavity lakes – encircled via fields, green woodland, ranches – one doesn’t acknowledge that the aforementioned wonderful lakes were places out of which the earth blasted forward in a most savage ways.

Where are the ancient Crater Lakes located?

  • Katwe Crater Lakes – Queen Elizabeth Park:

This renown crater is centrally situated north of the Mweya Peninsula and is the highest point of the park. You will experience a fantastic scenic Crater Drive – 27 kilometer where you see the beautiful crater lakes on your journey. The wildlife along the route isn’t soo much, though Buffaloes and Elephants can be frequently seen. Be sure not to miss Lake Kitagata – the lake is fed by a salty hot springs – no appeal to wildlife but beautiful to behold. Along this route you have some beautiful panoramic views of the Western Rift Valley and its escarpments, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, Lake George, Lake Edward and the natural Kazinga Channel. Along this route you have the opportunity to visit Lake Katwe and its ancient salt works where you can take a tour that will benefit as well as tour the local community.

  • Bunyaraguru Craters near – Queen Elizabeth Park: Situated along the Kichwamba escarpment of the Western Rift near Queen Elizabeth Park. Lake Nkugute is a beautiful crater lake that is visible from the Mbarara Kasese road, however there about 20 crater lakes found here and also many dry craters. There are also viewpoints where you can see the Kichwamba Rift valley and also Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • Ndali – Kasenda Craters – Fort Portal and Kibale Forest: Unlike inside of Queen Elizabeth Park – the crater lakes here could be investigated by walking –there are numerous treks that you can take here – the “Top of the World” gives one incredible perspectives of the crater lakes here, the Rwenzori Mountains, Tea Plantations, Kibale Rainforest Jungle, Lake George and the Kichwamba ledge of the Western Rift Valley. There are numerous treks that you can bring with an aide from some hours to a throughout the very beginning. The Kasenda Craters are an ideal add onto a visit to Kibale Forest and its Primates – you can likewise stay at U-Market Lodging for example Ndali Lodge and plan hotel for example Cvk Lakeside Resort – both disregarding a crater lake inside straightforward arrive at of different treks along the Kasenda Crater Lakes.
  • Fort Portal Craters near Fort Portal: The Fort Portal Crater Field is the most modest around those in Western Uganda yet there is a gem around them and that is Lake Kyaninga and provided that you have a couple of dollars to extra there is the selective up-business Kyaninga Lodge – log lodge structures on an edge neglecting the Lake Kyaninga Crater Lake and an amazing perspective of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon. Basically a delightful and tranquil place with more than enough treks of the adjacent territory.
  • The Crater Lakes are places to put on your must do record for your visit to Uganda – the excellence of the aforementioned pit lakes are not something to be missed in Uganda – the are a pleasure to view, incredible landscape and yet furnish extraordinary swimming, sailing and some angling chances.

The 8 Best Forests for Nature Walks in Uganda

Uganda is gifted with very many gorgeous forests that offer opportunities for several adventure tourist activities. Such activities include forest hikes /nature, walks that are done in several forests. Some of the forest include; Mabira Forest, Budongo Forest, Kibale Forest, Bwindi Forest, Mpanga Forest Reserves,


Mabira Forest is just about54km from Kampala Uganda’s capital and largest city and 20km from Buyikwe District between Lugazi and Jinja and trails the main from Jinja to Kampala road. It has been protected as Mabira Forest Reserve since 1932. It is covering an area of about 306 square kilometers and it’s regarded as one of the last remaining rain forest and biggest in central Uganda. It is home for many endangered species like the primate such as the black and white colobus monkey, the red tailed monkeys, Vervets, grey-cheeked mangabeys not only primates but the forest is also a home to over 315 bird species including the Cassinis hawk eagle, Grey long bill the list is endless, different species of butterflies and tree species. The Mabira Forest offers several activities which are enjoyed by travelers who make it at the forest these; Forest/nature walks. This is regarded as one of the most fascinating activities carried out in the forest reserve, while at the forest walk you cant fail to site very many forest dwellers such as primates like the red tailed monkeys, vertvets, gre-cheeked mangabeys, bird species, butterflies, different tree species, all be spotted out.

birding, the forest houses over 315 species of birds some of which are rare to other forest reserves and national park to mention some of these birds include the Nathan’s francolin, paradise fly catcher, purple-throated cuckoo shrike, sooty boubou , different species of sun birds the list is endless. Other activities carried out the park include; cycle trails, mountain biking, or even relaxing and have a picnic lunch at the forest centre.


The famous Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of the richest forests in Africa. Home to nearly half of the total remaining population of the mountain gorillas in the wild, Bwindi is famous for its gorilla safaris; trips that involve walks and treks in search of the endangered mountain gorillas within the wild.

It is a UNESCO heritage site located in south western Uganda. Many travelers visit this park for mountain gorilla trekking, one of the most rewarding treks you will ever take in the wid.


Budongo forest is located in North western part of Uganda in Masindi district approximately 3-4 hours drive on the way to Murchison falls National Park. It covers an area of about 825sqkms of which only 53% is forest and it has been a forest reserve since 1932.The remaining 479 is grassland forest. This forest type is classified as medium altitude semi deciduous moist forest. Budongo forest offers an extremely rich biodiversity including 24 species of small mammals, and 280 butterflies and over 9 species of primates. It is also the natural habitat of more than 600 chimpanzees, of which a small community has been habituated for eco-tourism purposes. This family consists of 80 individuals, allowing visitors the exceptional opportunity to view these amazing apes in their natural environment. Other primates that can be observed are the Black-and-White Colobus Monkeys, Olive Baboons, Red-tailed Monkeys, Blue Monkeys and Grey-cheeked Mangabeys.


Here visitors can enjoy chimpanzee tracking, birding and wonderful accommodation in a beautiful natural setting while Busingiro offers birding and a bush comp .The royal mile is a popular birding sites also managed –by the Jane Goodall institute -Uganda which is accessible with a guide from Busingiro.

Several activities can be carried out at the reserve to mention some include

Chimp Tracking: this is the most sought after activity at the reserve during the guided walk in the green tropical forest. This is done with your guide who will be in position to give you detailed information about the animals and plants species that you meet on your way. Chimp tracking can be experienced daily with two viewing times per day, tracking can go between 2-4 hours depending on the movement of chimps, ounce they are found you strictly allowed spending one hour with them in the wild while enjoying their daily activities such as playing, taking photos and also observing their behaviors. Not only chimps can be seen during the chimp tracking but also other primate species such as black and white colobus monkeys, Red-tailed Monkeys, and different type of birds, tracks of mammals and much more.


Forest walks: Budongo forest has well developed forest trails give you the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of the tropical rainforest. While on a forest walk opportunities of seeing more bird species, butterflies species, and some primates in a close range is so high.

Birding: Budongo Forest is some times referred to as a heaven for birders with over 360 species of birds. While in the forest the guide will help you to look out for different types of birds some of are rare to other game reserves. Bird watching safaris are available for a half or full day and guided by keen birders. If you have more than one day in Budongo then a visit to the ‘Royal Mile’ is a must. It is located about 60 km from Budongo Eco Lodge and offers a spectacular wide forest avenue with a high density of birds, including the Chocolate-backed Kingfisher and Paradise Flycatcher.

Other activities include Chimp Habituation Experience. With the Habituation Experience you will spend a full day with our ‘cousins’ and learn about their way of life


Katonga wildlife reserve is located western Uganda, along the banks of River Katonga in the districts of Ibanda and Kamwenge. The reserve was established in 1998 covering an area of about 211sq km. It is just about 4-5 hour’s drive from Kampala up to the reserve. There are over 40animal species such as bush buck, sitatunga, and reedbuck, warthogs, colobus monkey the list is endless and over 150 bird species found within the reserve. The reserve can best explored by canoe or by foot.


This forest reserve is a beautiful forest which has been conserved as a scientific research site since 1953, It is located 37 Kms west from Kampala Uganda’s capital and largest city along the Masaka Rd. the forest has various trails form which visitors can view the plentiful bird life, butterflies, monkeys and so many other attractions. There is a drum making industry at Mpambire village near Mpanga forest. It is a home of the Royal drum makers. The trees for making these drums are got from Mpanga Forest reserve.

An Adventure Safari Across Uganda on Budget

Being the pearl of Africa, Uganda has the best weather year round conducive for travel from one place to another. Tourist attractions in a few kilometer road distance from the international airport at Entebbe. Beaches, gardens, Lakes, and natural forest reserves are the first spotted even to visitors driving on the highway. Other attractions include the national parks, cultural sites, rain forests, waterfalls, Islands etc. While in Uganda moving from one place to another is mostly by road using public or private means of transport, water by ferry or boat and Air using chatter plains. All transport means are privatized and mostly owned by private individuals. Connections can be made any time of day depending on where you heading. However the cheapest way of travelling around Uganda is by bus and Tax though water crossing journeys can be involved at some point and crossing is by boat or ferry especially if you want to visit a stunning island on Lake Victoria. Only five US dollars can move you from Kampala to Jinja using public taxes which are boarded from Kampala Old Park and still drop you to Jinja town.

As you know Jinja is one of the most visited towns in Uganda with many things to do and experience, white water Rafting, Bungee jumping, source of the Nile visit, birding, community walks and cycling, Quad biking etc. Sometimes you get surprised finding that even the night accommodation goes for only $5-15 dollars in tents and dorms at different campsites around the lake. The town is calm with less traffic and worthy resting when it comes to spending some days out of the city. Despite the new changes of former Bujagali falls, the city still attracts many tourists from all over the globe to engage in different adventures including chilling at the Nile watching local cultural dancers. Different buses offer the same service at the same fee leaving Kampala all day from morning to evening. You can get on and off whenever you want along one of their set routes and you can buy ticket as you get into the bus .However buses to western Districts of Kabale, Kisoro, Kasese, masindi are quite more expensive since they drive for longer hours from Kampala. Many travelers use these buses to connect to Uganda national park especially Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Queen Elizabeth National Park for Gorillas and wildlife safaris tours.

If you heading to Bwindi forest, it’s advisable to wake up quite early and leave Kampala with the first bus which leaves the terminal at 5.00am arriving in Kabale town late in the afternoon a convenient time for you to get other public means of transport to your lodge of residence. The cost is around normally 15-17 dollars one way. Prior bookings for a <a href=””>Uganda safari</a> are recommended in order not to miss out so booking your bus ticket a day before travel makes sense. Backpackers usually travel light and find this transport option the best and convenient for Uganda cheap holidays. Even for practical travel reasons it’s indeed the best since you get a chance to even visit the local groceries ,markets, taste the local meals like a local hence experiencing Africa as locals do. The best way to travel for cheap is to not pay for it but sometimes it’s risky for foreigners to mix up with people they do not know especially in a public transport mean because some locals have funny characters of taking what isn’t there so a foreigner may lose luggage if he or she travelled with a lot of staff.Still Uganda being aland of lakes and rivers, some National parks and cool Islands can only be accessed by boat and ferry means of transport and the advantage with the ferry travel in Uganda, you move along with your vehicle as well unlike in a bus. Murchison falls National Park and Ssese are the main tourism spots accessed by a ferry. Move and discover most of Uganda main attractions by road and ferry.

Why are 4×4 Vehicles used mostly on self-drive safaris in Uganda?

Going on a safari should be on any bucket list and joining in on an organized safari can and should be unforgettable to think about. The 4×4 car rentals in Uganda have been modified according to specific regulations ensuring safety of the clients being moved. The regulations also vary from place to place as well as park regulations.

The 4×4 pickups that are converted for the use of safaris since they offer a maximum seating capacity of over 10 seats and the driver. The game drive frames have to be a minimum of 3 upright roll bars. The roll bars that are upright have to be a minimum of 38mm and a minimum of 2mm thickness. The entrance for the clients must be close or lock securely. Each frame has got a roof and it may be covered with fabric or comprise of a hard top. The seats of the car have to be staggered in height, the row of the seats have to be with foot rest, as well as a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

The 4×4 vehicles that travel on any arterial or national road conveying clients have got certificate of fitness certificate. These certificates are normally renewed annually and are given out after inspection has been completed and passed. These 4×4 vehicles have got a different number places are issued.

The main benefit of the 4 X4 vehicle is the traction and power. These are able to climb over the boulders and rocks that are up high especially in the mountainous areas. This will make it easy to reach all the places where you want to go. in order you are climbing a steep hill or are off loading, you will want the increased power in order to get over the obstacles and climb the steep hills. While 2WD will get you over even the steepest hills of San Francisco, if you are off-loading you will probably want the extra power that comes with 4WD.

The 4 WD improves the traction in dangerous driving conditions like in snow areas, rocks and many other scenarios that can make control difficult. By engaging both sets of wheels, traction and control improves.

The 4X4 vehicles have additional weight which contributes to better grip on the road. More so these vehicles are great for those who like off loading.

These vehicles have got un obstructed views. In addition to that is the fact that each row of the benches or seats is staggered in height. Therefore the last row will be the highest and the first row will be the lowest.

The seats are so comfortable however restrict movement most especially if you are a keen photographer. The benches give absolute flexibility and the advantage of being able to move one’s camera with ease.

The communication with one’s ranger or guide is made easier as t6heir is no obstruction between client and ranger. Ranger or Guide, these men or woman are passionate about what it is that they do. Each individual has to complete various courses and all courses vary in difficulty. No matter where one travels on safari it is the ranger or guide that will inevitably make the outing a memorable one.

The other advantages of a 4×4 vehicle include; safety well assured, the photographic opportunities assured, the vintage points from within the game drive vehicle, you have enough comfort, always with very qualifies Ranger/Guide as well as sit back and relax positions so present.